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Alliance Healthcare UK are KetoCare's dedicated wholesalers to supply products to all pharmacies, hospitals and dispensing doctors in the UK.

KetoCare stock is only held in Alliance’s South Normanton distribution centre.

If this is not your pharmacy’s local depot, the system may show our products as out of stock. If this is the case, or you have any other difficulties, simply call:

0330 100 0448 and select option 1

PIP codes

ketoclassic 3:1


Bisk Icons-01.png

PIP Code: 4207676

KetoCare Bar Vector.png

PIP Code: 402 6977

KetoCare Porridge Vector.png

PIP Code: 405 8897

KetoCare Muesli Vector.png

PIP Code: 405 8889

KetoCare Chicken Vector.png

PIP Code: 402 6969

KetoCare Bolognese Vector.png

PIP Code: 406 4200

KetoCare Savoury Vector.png

PIP Code: 404 7585

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